The next evolution of business is underway.

The COVID-19 coronavirus has created a crisis at a scale and speed rarely if ever encountered in human history. The business impact has been swift and far-reaching.

COVID-19 Corporate Memory Project

This is a free and collaborative resource designed to collect, preserve and present the real-time history of the pandemic through the lens of how corporations are responding to the crisis and influencing its outcome.

What information are you collecting?

We are curating and archiving media coverage, press releases, social media posts and statements, documents, photography, video and a range of other digital materials related to the pandemic’s impact on the business world.

Who can contribute?

We welcome submissions from all corners of the media and business world, but our primary focus is on collecting and curating content from large corporate enterprises. While small businesses are in many ways the lifeblood of the American economy, we recognize that larger corporations have significant influence on the business world as a whole. In 2019, the companies just on the Fortune 500 list represented two-thirds of the U.S. GDP and employed 28 million people globally. How these corporations respond and adapt to the global pandemic will be critical to shaping its outcome—politically, technologically and socially—and our goal is to learn from their expertise.

Who is managing this collection?

The COVID-19 Corporate Memory Project is a pro-bono effort managed and funded by History Factory. Founded in 1979, History Factory is an agency that helps corporations employ their most underused asset—their history and heritage—to enhance and transform strategy, brand positioning, marketing and communications.

Learn more at historyfactory.com

Meet the curators

Jason DresselJason Dressel
Managing Director

Sara EaginSara Eagin
Senior Curator

Eden Slone  Eden Slone

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Marketing Manager

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Senior Archivist

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Senior Archivist

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