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Page Up Issue Brief: Coronavirus

Page Up Issue Brief: Coronavirus

By: Page Up
Source: Page Society
Date of Publication: March 9th, 2020
As communications leaders on the front lines of your organization’s coronavirus response, you need relevant and timely information, including best practices from other companies. Page Up is committed to providing this sharing platform and
distilling takeaways into a useful format. This is the first in a new series of Issue Briefs designed to help you stay on top of emerging issues and what other members are doing to address them.
Cison Global Media Insights: Covid-19 Media Overview

Cison Global Media Insights: Covid-19 Media Overview

By: Cison Global Insights
Source: Cison Global Insights
Date of Publication: March 30th, 2020
Cison Global Insights Media Overview report about the coronavirus through the end of March, 2020
This is why we exist: Coronavirus and the CCO – Kati Everett, Novant Health

This is why we exist: Coronavirus and the CCO – Kati Everett, Novant Health

By: Kate Everett
Source: Page Society
Given the enormous impact of Coronavirus on companies, we are shifting gears for the next few episodes. Page has been convening its members to share knowledge and best practices in these uncharted territories. We will be bringing you insights from a few of our members with a first-hand look at how they are helping their organizations grapple with these circumstances. In our first episode in this series, Kati Everett, the CCO at Novant Health, shares with us how her team is helping the people at the front lines of this battle, at a time when their business priorities have shifted entirely. The role of the communications team has never been more central to the organization when having the latest information saves lives. She ends by sharing advice for CCOs navigating this crisis, keeping in mind that there will be a time when we are post-crisis.
COVID-19 Update – Message from CEO _ Robert Half

Working hard for you: A message from the CEO of Robert Half

By: Keith Waddell
Source: Robert Half
Date of Publication: April 17th, 2020
A message from the CEO of Robert Half regarding coronavirus.
Through wars, recessions, and pandemics_ A story of resilience - Deloitte

Through Wars, recessions and pandemics: A story of resilience

By: Deloitte
Source: Deloitte
Date of Publication: April 12th, 2020
Deloitte ties its history of resilience and survival to its 175 year track record of serving its clients.
People Matter - We Were There Video Screenshot

People Matter - We Were There

By: TriNet
Source: Youtube
Date of Publication: April 13th, 2020
TriNet launches a commercial tracking their 30 year history of being there in times of struggle. From earthquakes and natural disasters to 9/11, the company stands on their history of focusing on people.
Ragan covid survey

COVID-19's Impact on Communications

By: Ragan Communications
Source: Ragan Communications
Date of Publication: April 1st, 2020
Communicators report increased respect for their work and a heavier workload overall and cite their top tools for engaging employees and other audiences during the crisis.